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SecurityCenter Host, DNS and OS Report

October 20th, 2014 2 comments

Here is a useful script I created a few months ago that a few people have asked for. This is PERL, yes a Perl Script, that using the SecurityCenter API to maps IP,DNS Name,OS CPE,OS,NetBIOS Name, and MAC Address through a few different tools found in SecurityCenter.

The script preforms the following tasks:
Collect a list IP’s using the IP Summary tool.
Collect the OS Details from plugin 11936.
Maps the IP Summary and OS Details together.
For the IP’s that don’t have match for the 11936, we try other methods including the lists tool.
The output is a CSV file that looks like this:
SecurityCenter Host DNS and OS Report

To run the script you need to install Perl and the following modules:
sudo cpan install JSON
sudo cpan install URI::Escape
sudo cpan install LWP::UserAgent
sudo cpan install HTTP::Cookies
sudo cpan install Data::Dump
sudo cpan install XML::Hash::XS
sudo cpan install MIME::Base64

Attached is a zip file with a sample output and the perl script.

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