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Nessus Parser v24

September 25th, 2017 Comments off

I am sorry this took so long to publish.  Here is version 24

1. Fix regex \Q\E line est 1477,1484 v22
2. Removing plugin 33929 from High Vulns calculation
3. Removed Compliance from being part of High Vuln Calculation
4. Version 23 Skipped
5. reordered vuln data processing to not use as much memory.
6. Cleaned up the Compliance Tabs

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Nessus Parser v20a

November 14th, 2013 30 comments

I fired my QA department, wait..that is me..ok…here is a good version of the Nessus Parser v20.

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ACL Parser Update

December 26th, 2011 9 comments

The ACL parser tool is intended to format ACL’s from may different devices into a common format for security professionals and network professionals to easily review the data. So during the initial development, I started with Cisco ACL’s and began moving into Fortinet. As I am nearing the end of the Fortinet, I realized I am doing the reformatting wrong. What I am doing wrong is the normalization process. So this latest release will be the last version using the current model. I am restructuring the script to format the data into a common format, that can be easily imported into a database such as “OSSAMS” or MS Excel and etc.

So what does this really mean, well the current code for the most part is not dead or I am declaring it dead, and I starting over. I will still use many of the regex and other test conditions in the current code, but the restructuring or normalizing of the data will be radically different. As I am just starting the new code today I can’t tell you what those changes will be, except for the changes will be easier to follow and I will create data models and documentation as I go.

So attached to this blog post is the final version of of the v0.1 train of code. I would like to make a special shot out to toni ‘at’ for giving me a patch to fix a few lines of code he found an issue with. I have incorporated these lines into this version.

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