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Nessus Parser v0.16

November 1st, 2012 11 comments

I know, I can’t believe it either but its finally here. The new version of the Nessus Parser. I have added 4 new features, they are:

1. Support for Severity 4 (Critical) findings.
2. Recasting severity levels.
3. New Tab for Windows Computers with SSID’s connected (Plugin ID 25197).
4. New Tab for Wireless Access Point Detection (Plugin ID 11026).

To use the recasting option, add the argument “-r file.txt”, where file.txt is a CSV file with 3 fields. PluginID,Current Severity, New Severity. Examples


The example command is:

perl /path/to/script/ -f /foo/bar/scan1.nessus -r /path/to/script/recast.txt

The other new features work by default.

You can download the updated code at HERE

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