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ShmooCon 2011

January 27th, 2011 5 comments

It’s time for ShmooCon 2011, YEAH!!! This is my first time attending and I am very excited. I would like to release a few maintenance releases of my Nessus Vulnerability XML Parser v8 and Cisco ACL Parser v0.05.

Nessus Vulnerability XML Parser v8 – There was a bug in the creation of the TEXT File report generation. The issue was cause by a variable I called in a foreach loop, if the variable was not an array, but a hash the script would fail. No other changes were made.

The Cisco ACL Parser v0.05 – In the ASA a type of ACL used for the SSL Any-Connect Portal is called a WEBACL. There was a problem in the parsing of these ACL types. Also I changed the name of the output file to be the device hostname-output.csv “fw01-output.csv” instead of “hostname fw01-output.csv”.

I hope everyone enjoys the scripts and I hope to see you at ShmooCon.