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ACL Parser Beta Available on Request

June 16th, 2011 Comments off

I get a few questions a week about changes the Cisco ACL parser. I have been working on a totally new script I am calling the ACL Parser. The script will parse Cisco ACL, Netscreen, Fortinet, and Watch Guard. I am still in beta stage, but if you would like the beta, email me directly cody AT, and I will be happy to send it.

Nessus Parser V0.10

June 4th, 2011 19 comments

Nessus Parser v0.10 – This is a program to parse a series of Nessus XMLv2 files into a XLSX file. The data from the XML file is placed into a series of tabs to for easier review and reporting. New features with this edition are better reporting of policy plugin families, user account reporting, summary graphs, and a home page with summary data. For more information and questions please contact Cody Dumont from the NWN STAR team.
Email – cdumont”AT” and cody”AT”

The Nessus parser requires some additional modules, they are:
• XML::TreePP;
• Data::Dumper;
• Math::Round;
• Excel::Writer::XLSX;
• Data::Table;
• Excel::Writer::XLSX::Chart;

To use the Nessus Parser simply install Perl and the modules above. Then change directory to the folder where the Nessus XMLv2 data files are stored. The enter the following command “perl .” The “.” means the current directory. The parser looks in the directory passes as the command line argument and searches for XML files. Then parses through each file. Once the data from each file is collected, the parser will put the data into the XLSX file. Once the parser is finished there will be an XLSX file in the same folder passed earlier. Review the file and find the results of your Nessus scan.

I want to give a special thanks to John McNamara , John was instrumental in assisting me in creating the pie charts in this version. John is also the author of the Excel Writer perl modules.

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