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Hello world!

August 3rd, 2009 Comments off

Greetings All

Over the past 10 years having worked with various Cisco devices I have often found myself doing the same configuration many times.  So a few years back I started making Excel Spreadsheets I called “Config Builders”.  As I use many open source software solutions and other items, I figured it was about time to start giving back.  So each week I am going to post a Config Builder template.

Each “Config Builder” will be very simliar to ones I use for work, but not exactly.  However these “Config Builders” should be enough to help any engineer out there, do his/her job a little faster and with less likely room for error.  Please keep in mind, there is no warranty, and the “Config Builder” is NOT built for a novice or your mother (Unless she is a CCNP, CCIP, CCSP or CCIE).  If you don’t know what commands do, then be very careful about what you  put into them.  Also, please always test each config in something like GNS3, Dynamips or an actual router/switch/firewall, etc.

These tools may be a great place to start with in learning some deaper configuration methods, but are not primary learning tools.  Please feel free to comment and contribute with your excel skills or Cisco skills.

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